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Welcome to WUN GRüV - the first world-inclusive radio station project that brings life back into the radio days we remember from the past, love in the present, and anticipate in the future.  We unite radio with elements of modern-day news and life to create an ultimate digital experience across several platforms. By working with DJ’s, playlist architects, concert go-ers, promoters, artists, journalists, and you, we give you the music and news of the streets from all over the world and under one groove.

If you think back to the no-so-distance past, a car radio was easily identified by a circular knob on the center of the the dashboard. When you turned the knob - only when allowed by your parents - you could hear a variety of noises in this order: music | white noise | talk | more white noise | foreign language | white noise again | religious sermons | and lastly, even more white noise. As this cycle continued, you would choose whatever you were in the mood to hear and “just make it work”.  If you selected music, you would listen impatiently to various songs, commercials, and talking until you finally hear your favorite song. Unfortunately though, by the time you arrived at your destination, you had a tough decision to make. Would you dare turn the radio off or would you stay and savor the song(s) that the DJ played specifically for you? At least that’s how you would feel.


Today radio has a different meaning. When you want to listen to good music, you can now speak to that very same dashboard and it will play whatever you want to hear. If you want to experience other songs similar to the one you played first, you just press an icon. If you want send that song to everyone you know in seconds, just tap another icon. 

With all of the control you now have over music, everything is seemingly perfect, right? Not quite. If you are a music enthusiast something is missing. The Human Element.


While music is our platform, we are committed to impacting the world through philanthropic and outreach endeavors. Stay tuned to learn more about Wun Fund and the specific causes we support. 

This is a world that we create with you and for you.  All you have to do is tell us how.


Join us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Spotify today.

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